Today Robert and Lars had a small working meeting and discussed their thoughts about our future work for grouprise.

  • In the long term we will need a bit of frontend maintenance, in order to prevent it from collecting dust.
  • Maybe we should integrate an interface to the fediverse?
    • This would not be targeted at users, but could be helpful for attracting nerdy folks or service hosters.
    • Maybe a grouprise instance could then be used with a fediverse client. Or maybe we would extend an existing client in order to make it usable for grouprise.
  • For the frontend update as well as for the fediverse implementation, it would be helpful to plan a cautious and iterative restructuring of some data model details.
  • We could advertise the Matrix integration as “access from your smartphone”.
    • The only missing feature is a global room for the frontpage feed.
    • We could improve the group status view (e.g. “last message in chat”) in order to attract users.
    • Optional: ask users for confirmation of their Matrix ID when they click on their first chat link.
    • Write an enthusiastic article in order to encourage chat usage.
  • Recently we received only very few requests regarding the hosting of grouprise. Thus maybe we should spice up the website a bit.
    • Publish releases as blog articles (maybe partially automated).
    • Add a link to the instance in order to show the broad scope of grouprise.
    • In general: write more blog articles (like this one) in order to show our continuous activity.
    • Support for multiple languages would be nice.
    • Some kind of visual revitalization of the front page would be nice (even though no one among us really enjoys that kind of work).
  • More (un)social media!
    • Source of volunteers:
      • e.g. ask for help at (only for design or marketing)
      • trying to recruit local students (e.g. marketing) for an internship (in the sense.lab e.V. society)
    • Goal:
      • Not focused on increased activity on - it seems to run on its own at the moment.
      • Developers would be nice - possibly attracted via fediverse.
      • Hosters of grouprise instance would be nice - but these are probably hard to find.

Afterwards we went through a lot of open issues and discussed or closed these.

We decided to rename the master branch to main. Lars will take care for this.

We are still looking forward to the freeing the world from unscrupulous data mongers :)